It's been said that only 5-10% of the ferrets are effected but
it only takes 1% to cause heartbreak!
ADV is a fact of life.  Some say it's the ferrets version of AIDS
and I believe they are right.  There is no cure as yet and there is
no vaccine.   The only way we can fight it is by TESTING and
isolating the positives to minimize the spread.  And also by
financially supporting the fundraising for continued research.

There is quite a bit of information out there that so many dedicated
people have spent hours upon hours putting together.  They have
put together some awsome informative websites so please go to
LINKS page and check out some the ADV links.  Many of these
sites have information on how to contribute to the fundraising
effort for the research of this deadly and heartbreaking disease.
For testing information,  go to American Ferret Association's
web site and click on Read and Learn.

This page will have Avecon's saliva test information in addition
to United Vaccines information.

Please note that United Vaccine no longer does ADV testing.
More to come!