Robin Hood and Maid Marian (Kodi & Nicci)
Nicci got 1st and Kodi got 2nd in Best Dressed at the Fall 1996 GLFA ferret Show.
SHD's Cheyanne
of the Hobbitry.  
Chey got a Best
Opposite Breeder
at the GLFA
Spring Show 1997.
Chey is Kodiak's
Ozzie loves
chew sticks.  
Ozzie is
Nicci's son
owned by
Chris Ball
This a part of the wall of ribbons in
my office at home.  These are from
1996- current.  You can see I have
run out of room and none of these
are my first place ones.
I'll be working
on more
pictures  - so
check back
SHD's Apache of the Hobbitry.  This one is when
Apache got her BOS in Kit  at the GLFA show.  She
also placed 1st in Mutt.
UI Kodiak of SHD
All Dressed up!
Gisborne's Zen
(Gizzie J.)
TH Kiowa Poko of Stafford
(Gizzie J.'s son & Sundowner's brother)
SHD's Martini
Tini is Nicci's
daughter and
Breath's sister
Another one - JBF's
Sadly, Ozzie crossed the Rainbow Bridge
on June 13, 2003.  He will be very much
missed by all of us.
My Kodi Bear crossed the Rainbow Bridge June 2002.  Without Kodi
there would be no Heart of Ohio Ferret Assoc. & Rescue or  Ferret
Buckeye Bash. He started it ALL.
Sadly, Chey crossed the Rainbow
Bridge June  2003.