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Ferret Kits - Please READ

All the info you need about our adoption process is here, including links to our  breeding season pages! Sorry, WE DO NOT SHIP. Kits must be picked up at the ferretry or at a ferret show. All kits are $400-$425, payable on pickup.


I breed for several colors: dark sables, black sables, champagnes, black roan mitts, black mitts, and points. But I do also get chocolates, roans, albinos, and sables Conformation, disposition, health, and genetic diversity are always my foremost concerns. I have some German, New Zealand, Finnish, Swedish, Hungarian, and English mixed in with American bloodlines, back several generations now. There's also some polecat from the Finnish and German lines, again back several generations. Kits are available seasonally, usually late Spring through Summer. I only breed my jills once a year and only for three years. At that time, my retired jills and hobs are available for adoption. Use the adoption application here if you're interested in adopting either kits or retirees. As I do usually have a waiting list, turning in an application is imperative. I believe the health and well being of my "fur kids" comes first. They live separately from my home, with their ferretry building set up specifically for them. They have cages and play pens for their own safety, as well as heat and air conditioning. Since the ferretry is a large converted garage, when the weather is good the overhead door is open so they can breathe the country air. A camera lets me check on them and expectant moms even remotely. We're also proud that we're ADV-free! We test regularly.


The first step is to complete & submit the required adoption application form in advance (link below). Once you complete the adoption application, you'll get a response that it's been received. Then when a kit becomes available, you'll be notified. You can also follow our updates on this page and on our Facebook group. We post pictures in both places, so those on my waiting list (who've already submitted an adoption application) can see what kits may be available soon. I'll try to give you choices, but can't make guarantees. If I have a long waiting list, it may take some time. At breeding time, I email those still on the previous waiting list. Please reply to stay on the list, or text me. When a particular kit steals your heart, let me know. $50 deposit is required to RESERVE the kit. No deposits are accepted until kits are at least 4 to 5 weeks old, as deposits are non-refundable. Sorry, WE DO NOT SHIP. Kits must be picked up at the ferretry or at an upcoming ferret show. All kits are $375-$400, payable on pickup. When you arrive to pick up your kit, you'll be required to sign a Purchase Contract, and will be expected to adhere to it. You can download that below, so you can read it in advance. Our Ferret Info Packet has care and health information, as well as a detailed food chart. A hard copy will be included in your folder when you pick up your new family member. You can also download it below. New to Ferrets? We recommend reading Ferrets for Dummies by Kim Schilling, BEFORE bringing your new ferret home.


YOU are responsible for spaying/neutering or Superlorin Implant at appropriate age as per our contract. NO kits are sold as breeders unless you are a PRE-APPOVED breeder. Please note, I will NOT place a hob and jill together while one is whole. Removal of anal glands is prohibited unless due to a very rare medical reason. Basic microchipping is available upon request. Registration as owner with FetchID has a fee. Price also includes their canine distemper vaccination series if local. Rabies vaccinations are your responsibility.

Required Forms & Links

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